Silent Sunday – Train Crash

Silent Sunday


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  1. Ha, ha. Very good. Poor Henry. Or is it Gordon? Oh eff knows… :)
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  3. My daughter would cry if I showed her your photo lol ;o)
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  4. Oh dear, off the rails..very good x

  5. I only fond out the other day that Pierce Brosnan is the new narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine, how mad is that?! Great shot though.

    • I thought was only narrating American Thomas which is really weird to listen to. We only tend to watch good old retro Thomas with Ringo and Michael Angelis narrating.

  6. I wondered what I was going to discover when I clicked on your linky! Very funny photo I am p,eased to say!

  7. Eeek! I wasn't sure what I was going to see for a minute there! ;-)

  8. great photo! Thomas does my head in – a crash does him good every now and then!
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  9. Huh, Thomas has quite a big smile on his face, there :)

  10. haha! I hope nobody was hurt

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