Listen To This, Yes Because I Told You To


Another week, another band and another choice that is Fluff’s fault. The Frames hail from Dublin and formed way back when in 1990. Twenty-one years and nine albums later they are still going strong.

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If you have seen The Commitments then you have seen the lead singer, Glen Hansard, and caught a brief glimpse of the violinist during the auditions.

What I like about them is the mix of styles they bring to their music and how they blatantly embrace “borrowing” other songs to add to their own (have a listen to Rent Day Blues in the player below and you’ll see what I mean. There’s an ethereal and anthemic quality to many of the songs and even the darker melodies have a haunting feel to them.

They are another band that came to Leeds to play at The Duchess and ever since prefer to play more intimate venues when they return. When we saw them at The City Varieties the atmosphere was electric and with Fluff being a former Duchess employee I got to meet some of the band too.

So have a listen to the tracks and give them a bit of time as many build into something totally different from how they start. While you’re at it drop by Alexander Residence and have a browse of the other entries.

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  2. Instantly wowed by his gorgeous voice on the first track – so beautiful. And Rent Day Blues so varied, and fun. Definitely going to add to my list of bands I must buy into!
    I'm hosting this week if you want to join in again with a new artist, or relink this one for a new audience :)
    My recent post Music I want my children to listen to Linky here this week!

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