Flashmob For Food Justice (Leeds)

Oxfam picnic

Flashmob For Food Justice

City Square, Leeds
Wednesday 1st June at 12:30pm


Please note that the picnic has had to be moved just down the hill to City Square.
Do please do your best to come along and have your lunch with Oxfam.
We will provide picnic blankets, but would like you to bring a fork or spoon and a plate to make lots of noise.

1 in 7 people go hungry every night while 25% of food is wasted every day in rich countries.
The global food system is broken and needs mending – come and tell governement and corporates to take action – for sustainable food, for an equitable life, for a fair planet where we can all eat and access resources to grow our food.


The global food system is bust
Come and give it a good shake up!

Bring a couple of mates, a picnic rug, and your packed lunch, relax and let’s see what happens!
You will also need one empty plate or pan, a wooden spoon or fork and bags of energy!


Contact: Leeds Oxfam campaigners’ group www.oxfamleeds.org.uk
Serena on 07825780651 / stramonti@oxfam.org.uk


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