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The lovely ladies at Mama Tea were kind enough to send me some samples of their teas to try out. Now anyone that know me knows that I love my teas and I love my coffees so to impress me takes something special.

Mama Tea was founded to create a range of herbal teas that were suitable for the different stages of pregnancy. The three I have tried so far are Morning Mama, Cool Mama and Glowing Mama. They also produce Ready Mama, a raspberry leaf and rose petal blend for use towards the end of pregnancy, and New Mama, a mix of liquorice root, fennel, fenugreek, red clover, nettle leaf and lemon balm for new mothers to help promote milk production. The teas are available either as loose-leaf tea on in boxes of twenty individually wrapped teabags.

The first one I happened to try was Morning Mama. I have been incredibly lucky with this pregnancy having only been sick three times. Whether that’s down to learning from my last pregnancy with the Wee Man or the possibility that Squatter may not be a wee man (I’ll find out next Friday all being well) who knows, but the day after these teas arrived was the last time I was sick giving me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The first thing that strikes you is the scent of the tea when you unwrap the box. It does smell quite strongly and is very pleasant indeed. Infact I found that was a feature of all that teas, unlike many traditional herbal teas. This blend is a mix of chamomile and ginger neither of which over powers the other. Personally I like my tea slightly stronger so left the teabag in for longer than the recommended three minutes but of course that’s just my preference.

And did it do the job? Well yes it certainly helped and my nausea had disappeared before I’d finished the cup. Maybe as I’ve had so little nausea and sickness I’m not the best judge of that particular tea but it certainly seemed to do the job for me.

The Cool Mama blend contains chamomile and spearmint and is designed with the relief of pregnancy heartburn in mind. At times my heartburn in pregnancy has been awful to the point of keeping me awake and chomping down gaviscon tablets like no tomorrow (in my case, the liquid makes the burning worse).

So far I’ve drunk the tea when I have felt the beginnings of the burn before it became too severe. The spearmint provided cooling relief and the chamomile helped me to relax. Again the smell of the tea is very pleasant and the blend well balanced.

And onto the final tea I have tried so far – the rooibos and elderflower blend, Glowing Mama. Now rooibos has never been a tea that I have particularly favoured, finding it to be harsh on my palate and the only rooibos tea in my house is kept for when my Mum visits. But for the sake of this review I gave it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised. The elderflowers balanced out the harshness of the rooibos and I’m actually having a cup while writing up this review. So it’s not my favourite of the three but compared with the washed out versions of caffeine free everyday tea and cheap herbal teas found in the supermarket this tea has an edge.

I will definitely be testing out the other teas in the range when I get to the right time to try them and plan on stocking up on my next trip up to the homeland. I’m especially looking forward to trying Ready Mama as the rose petals smell fantastic.

To find out more about the Mama Tea blends or for details of your nearest stockist visit

Image courtesy of Mama Tea

The views expressed within this review are my own. No payment was received in exchange for this review.
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  1. I'm always on the hunt for nice caffeine-free teas I can drink, as it's hopefully going to be  long time before I stop nursing Lucy and as you say the stuff you get in the supermarkets can be a bit grim! Will definitely give the New Mama tea a try as it sounds yummy :)

  2. We tried these too and thought they were fab!

    Popping by from Mummy's Little Monkey Blog Hop :)

  3. We tried these too and thought they were fab!

    Popping by from Mummy’s Little Monkey Blog Hop :)

  4. They sound great. Will look out for them.

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