Today I Will Be Mostly…

  • Trying my best not to over do it with the caffeine.
  • Knitting some more of my – rather snazzy if I do say so myself – second slipper sock. Loving the Seriously Chunky yarn and will definitely be getting some more.
  • Attempting desperately to catch up on blogging until such point it feels like a ton of bricks have smashed my knuckles into tiny bits (thanks carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by pregnancy <insert profanity of choice here>) including:
    • our trip to Salford Quay a fortnight ago for the Dirt Devil Mummy Blogger event and to watch Mr Stink Live.
    • our first visit to the Royal Armouries.
  • Getting out and about for no reason in particular. Knowing the Wee Man this may involve a library.
  • Maybe putting the washing machine on. I said maybe!
Right job number one. Where’s the kettle?

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