Lurgy status: Active
Teething status: Extra grumbly
Cabin Fever Scale: 6/10

Sometime I refer to our garden as The Pit or That Series of Holes. It’s all been done with good intentions but Moo Boy does have a bad case of ‘Grand plans that I can start but may not have time to complete for a few years’-itus.

He does try but between working a ridiculous amount of hours, spending time with family & helping around the house he gets to a point where he needs a bit of time to himself & the plans go out the window. I can’t dig up our garden for toffee (crap soil, huge slabs of clay & then all manner of crap underneath from what was demolished before our house was built) so it has to wait. It does allow D to get dressed as a pirate & go digging for treasure.

Anyway back to today. The sun was shining. The sky just hazy enough that it took us a minute to spot the planes flying overhead. I spied the first butterflies & bumblebees of the year. We were not spending the whole day inside!

I unlock the shed door with a reassuring clunk. It’s as if I’d been smacked in the face – the smell. I don’t know if it’s mustiness, dampness or if something has crawled in there, pissed all over the place & (possibly) died but the plan changed to grab what you can & run. I grab at toys and fling them out the door. The Wee Man’s face lights up. A good five or six months have passed since he’s seen them & he greets them like old friends.

Job one – set up the ‘car wash’. Funnily enough wee boys are easily pleased by a bucket full of warm soapy water & a sponge. With minimal help from me we had two slides, a rocking horse, a car & a freshly reassembled smart trike drying in the sun on a newly swept patio. Certainly kept him busy while I hung the washing. The Bod all this time was taking all this in from the comfort of his Ergo. A welcome distraction from the teething trauma.

Daddy returns from work (yes its Saturday but like I said he works a lot) & both boys perk up even more. We try to do jobs inside but fact is it’s too nice an afternoon to waste on washing up. We start to plan hopefully plausible, achievable targets for the garden. There’s even talk of getting a skip soon. This looks hopeful.

The temperature starts to drop. We retreat indoors. My iPad is high jacked.

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  1. My boys love nothing better than a bucket of water to mess about with too! Just found your blog through Instagram and I'm really enjoying your posts.

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