Bang And The Week Is Gone

What is a Cillit Bang Week and a Quick Introduction to Habit Hacking.

This week is what I like to call a Cillit Bang Week. That's to say today is Sunday and it feels as if I've just gone and lost a whole week without trying. Ok it's not true, we have done stuff but no where near as much as normal and I'm still waiting for the fog to clear fom my head.

Monday was a trip into Leeds to meet with some other home educators to discuss the recent behaviour of the LEA and what improvements we'd like to see in the future. Certainly a lot to think about and research. Upon further digging we have found that Leeds City Council website fails to make a single reference to home education. Considering that Education Leeds became defunct over eighteen months ago and that LCC has had a complete website overhaul since then looks like we have a lot of work to do. As Wee Man had sat through over two and a half hours of this meeting mostly keeping himself amused I took him out for a little treat at Starbucks then we dropped in on some friends we hadn't seen for far too long.

Tuesday and Wednesday the head funk descended good and proper. It was as if I'd had a migraine but without the pain or my vision flickering about like an old TV set. Wee Man busied himself with Lego and some of the BBC learning programmes on iplayer and Bod seemed almost as tired as I was.

Started to feel slightly more human by the time Thursday rolled around. Met friends in Bradford's Lister Park which we hadn't been to before.

Wee Man was very impressed with the play park. “Look Mum, it's so big it's got it's an map!” It was a rare dry day and the giant leaf piles lining the paths were just too inviting. I suppose, in a way, autumn leaves are just a warmer version of snow although they're not so good for sledging.

End of the week we took some friends up Post Hill in Pudsey for the first time. The trees are looking fantastic now that we're in November but it make the ground ridiculously boggy. Sensible people may have turned back but instead we headed up and up and up some more. We were rewarded with a spectacular view over the valley. Then we got mildly lost but have now got our bramble and apple picking spots sorted for next year.

And this weekend has been about trying to get back to feeling 100% and preparing to start Habit Hacking next week. I hate housework. I hate having to do it. I hate it not being done. I hate that when I start it I go into overdrive (Moo Boy went out to the supermarket last week. When he came back I'd started washing the walls and completely sorting through my old mail folder. I was supposed to be loading the dishwasher and clearing the table). I hate that. If i somehow get the chance to tidy up after the boy that Moo Boy the man child sweeps in after work and decimates the place. I hate that when we have ideas to do something crafty that needs the table it starts with “After we've tidied up” so it has to stop NOW!

Now some of you may have heard of Fly Lady which I did try but the ten zillion emails every morning did my head in along with the constant sales pitch (no I don't need a purple cloth and I already have my own water bottle because I'm not some idiot that habitually falls for the bottled water con). My house may be a mess but I'm not depressed, I know how to dress myself and I don't need a lesson in how to clean my sink.

But with two small children and a much larger man child in the house I can no longer kids myself that there will be time to blitz the house on Sunday. And so tomorrow I start here with day one of Habit Hacker's Nest stream which is a bit like Fly Lady but for real grown up people with swear words and choices of where you're going to start forming your habits. Tomorrow I am reclaiming my kitchen table!!


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  1. Woop woop! Here's to finding your table again! :D

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