Obligatory Snow Post

It was a race against time. While the rest of the kids in our street were at school we grabbed the chance to get out in the snow, or rather what was left of it. The thaw began as soon as the flakes stopped falling. The sledge was retrieved from the depths of the shed and we made our way out.

Wee Man helped me build our little snow man. Shame there wasn't time for anything bigger but he was pleased with our efforts and it ticked one of the snow day boxes.

I pulled the sledge around one of the playing fields near the house. Bod wasn't at all impressed with this sledging malarkey so returned to comfort and cosyness of his Ergo. Wee Man was in his element. I think the prospect of snow the previous night was almost on a parallel with Christmas. I just had to watch out for flying snowballs on the way back up the hill. Then home to warm up before Wee Man's schooled friends called on him to play out.

I wish that snow for me was as brilliant as it is for Wee Man. My car needs a tyre replacing before I can consider taking the boys out in it. We are three streets away from the main road and all three are prone to rather nasty black ice in prolonged cold weather. I could also do with some ice grips for walking with Bod on my back. But enough of the grown up world of snow.

Today was fun.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. Still waiting for some down in Cornwall. I fear it could be a long wait. Please add this to my Country Kids link up too.
    My recent post A chance chain of events…..

  2. We never got any snow in Glasgow so my wee man is still waiting! Lovely photo of his big grin!

  3. Just a quick Disqus test while I wait for all the old comments to import.

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