Silent Sunday (5th May 2013)




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  1. Ferreroroche123

    Bless him. Lovely picture.

  2. He looks very pensive, settlingn down for a long wait perhaps.

  3. Love the setting and focus. Great pic.

  4. Stunning photo, very sweet :)

  5. Beautiful face and beautiful setting :)

  6. Bavarian Sojourn

    Beautiful! Love how you have set the focus that gives the pic its slightly blurry background! :)

  7. I love this. A really beautiful shot.

  8. Lovely pic, is he having a rest?

  9. Sarah@The View From the Table

    Oh, what a lovely composition.

  10. Really lovely photo :)

  11. Gorgeous, love the expression, and the red coat, and the blurry background- great shot!

  12. What a great photo. He looks so deep in thought :) x

  13. What a gorgeous shot – so much atmosphere.

  14. I like the contrast – the red coat stands out and he is gorgeous.

  15. Phiona Richards

    Such a beautiful shot. Capturing contemplation.

  16. Stunning shot-love the composition and you’ve captured him deep in thought!

  17. Rebecca Phillips

    Lovely photo :)

  18. Lous lake Views

    Oh I love that! He looks so thoughtful

  19. fromamummysheart

    Bless; he looks lost in thought. That’s a super sweet picture.

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