The Trouble With Shoes

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Before Wee Man was born we were making a half assed attempt at planning our wedding. Actually we got about as far as planning to scrap the stag and hen parties in favour of going paintballing but that went out the window with the whole being pregnant situation. Now the boys are getting bigger we may start planning again. And I will just have to accept that maybe I will need some pretty wedding shoes. Although that’s going to be a bit of a tall order.

I’ve always had trouble buying shoes. When I was a kid I remember my mum taking me to get my feet measured. It got to the point they had to stop using the big foot measuring machine because they’d run out of width measurements. I remember ‘I’ being mentioned on one visit. So yes me and my crazy feet have issues with shoe shopping. I have to take a size 10 most of the time just because of the width of my feet. Honestly, it sucks. Yes there are some online stores that specialise in larger sizes but I prefer to try shoes on before parting with my money. I certainly don’t want to be spending a small fortune on some custom made shoes and it’s never going to be possible for me to have a shoe buying addiction.

As a result I’ve never been one for ‘pretty’ shoes. Most of the time you’ll find me in trainers or boots of some description. Half out of necessity and half because it’s more practical when running after two boys going in opposite directions in the park. As a teenager there was an occasion where the head of music at my school put his foot down about a school concert. All the girls performing had to wear skirts. Size 10 smart shoes at short notice couldn’t be found so I stomped my way on to the stage in a long skirt and a pair of Docs to play a flute solo.

So are there any shoe shops out there that have a secret stash of ginormous shoes for folks like me? If you know where I can find one, do drop me a line below.

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